Bulls fan’s worst nightmare….

Our worst fear just happened, Derrick Rose just went down with a torn ACL and is out for the rest of the NBA Playoffs, the Olympics and maybe some of next season; it is estimated that this injury takes 6-9 months to recover from. With all the injuries and games Rose sat out during the season, this was tragic-like to see him on the floor wincing and holding his knee wondering what did he do to deserve this.

A lot of fans and the media are trying to place the blame on Coach Thibodeau for keeping him in the game late in the fourth. It is very easy to say all of this in hindsight, but let’s remember this is the same style he used last year when he was Coach of the Year and Thibs could very well be COY this season. This isn’t the type of injury that have been building up and then finally happened, an ACL tear is known as a freak injury that can happen at any time and with any movement. Philly cut the Bulls lead down from 20 to 12 and they could have easily made a run to take the lead, hell…the Bulls have been making comebacks like that during the season, what make us think Philly couldn’t do the same. Those are the reason why I don’t blame the head coach for the injury. If there’s anybody to blame, let’s blame the league and the players for agreeing to cram 66 games in 120 days; the way Rose play the game, he didn’t have enough time for his body to rest and recuperate between games. The only thing the league and players were thinking about when the agreed to the CBA was the money they need to make this year, now the Bulls and other teams are paying for it.

Now let’s move forward, we know Rose is out for the rest of the playoffs, let’s also remember that he was out for more than 20 games and the Bulls still finished with the best record in the NBA (reason why Thibs should be COY this year). I know it’s the playoffs and it’s different from the regular season, but this is the kind of mentality the team needs to have through the playoffs in order to see W’s thoughout the playoffs. Teams are not going to feel sorry for the Bulls and we shouldn’t want them to. Like Coach Thibodeau always states “do your job” and “no excuses”, and that is how I am thinking, I want the team to keep playing hard and let the chips fall where they may. I’m still behind the team still and will be cheering for them until they are out of the playoffs….that is how all Bulls fans should be thinking right now.



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