Diddy’s son gets a scholarship to UCLA…so what!?!

News came out last week that the UCLA Bruins is giving a full ride scholarship (worth $54,000) to Justin Combs; in case you guys don’t know, Justin is the son of hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and he is worth an estimated $550 Million.  The media and some of the public were outraged of this news and believe that it is wrong for Justin to take the scholarship when his dad has the funds to pay the tuition for the whole student body at UCLA right now and that this move is taking away the opportunity of another student whole actually need the monetary help.  Let me get some stuff off my chest right now.

First, this is an athletic scholarship that was funded by ticket sales, media contracts, private donations and corporate partnerships…not from state funds, so this move will not take away from candidates-in-need.

People are up in arms on this situation like this is the first time a child of a celebrity was ever offered a scholarship to college.  PLEASE!!!! Nobody said anything when Matt Simms (son of Phil Simms) had a scholarship to play football for Tennessee (GO VOLS!), Marcus Jordan (son of Michael Jordan) had a scholarship to play basketball for Central Florida – hell, nobody had anything to say when two of Joe Montana’s son had scholarships to play football (Nick played for Washington and Nate played for…you guessed it – MONTANA) and Jerry Rice son (Jerry Jr.) will be playing on the same team as Justin at UCLA.  I didn’t hear one thing about that and the only reason it came up is because I was doing research for this blog. 

Is it because Diddy makes so much money that it would be a sin for his son to take a scholarship?  It’s Diddy’s money, not Justin’s! Justin did this on his own; the 5-foot 9-inch, 170 pound defensive back did the damn thing on the football field.  I heard about Justin about a year or two ago and they had footage on him in action.  Nobody is saying he’s going into the NFL, but he was good enough to get offers from Wyoming, Virginia and Illinois (damn, I wish the Fighting Illini would have got him).  He graduated from high school with a 3.75 GPA, that’s good enough for me.

Universities know what they are doing, every school would love to generate a buzz from having a celebrity’s kid on their team.  They give the kid a scholarship worth tens of thousands of dollars hoping the celebrity turn around and donate millions into the school. Oh, I forgot that the universities are looking to educate and not considered a business to make money…yea, right.

Justin Combs got the scholarship on his own merit.  People need to get a life and worry about other things going on instead of what a kid of a celebrity is doing.

I’m just saying…


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