Joe Paterno’s statue must come down and eventually it will

In a YouTube vid, I gave my thought on how I felt about the later Joe Paterno.  I highly respected him in the past for what I thought was a true down-to-earth morals that he bestowed upon his players and others at Penn State University, but that was all a facade because after the 267-page report that was researched and overseen by former FBI director Louis Freeh brought out the truth of what Paterno was all about, he was a selfish bastard who only thought about himself and the prestige that was Penn State.  If you was a football player, he thought the world of you and would bend over backwards for you – but if you were just an “everyday joe”, he had nothing to do with you.  The Freeh report showed us how much Paterno knew and how he orchestrated to cover up the multiple heinous sexual acts that his long time friend and former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky did with children.  I’m not going to get into how I feel about the Penn State scandal in this blog; just check out the vids when you get a chance.

I personally think that the Paterno statue that is in front of Beaver Stadium should come down and at the least moved to another location that out of the sight of the general public; the Penn State Board of Trustees decided to keep the statue up since no solid decision has been made at this time.  After a Tuesday morning flyby from a plane towing a banner that stated “TAKE THE STATUE DOWN OR WE WILL” kind of gave the school officials the answer of what’s going to happen soon.

The school need to take heed of the warning because I believe it is serious; these people took the time to have a banner made and paid for the services of the advertisement plane to fly around and tell the public what should be done to the statue ….OR ELSE.

Even though I think Paterno is a liar and a true hypocrite in every since of the word, I do know he did do a lot of good things over the span of over five decades at State College, PA – he gave back to the school and community with building funds and scholarships.  As we speak, people and organizations are stripping the “Joe Paterno” name off of everything from the Big Ten trophy to Nike’s Child Care Building at its Beaverton, OR headquarters.  The last prominent thing left standing is the statue; I’m just saying that the statue should be moved to another location because I would rather it be at another location where it will be safe instead of in front of the general public where it will be vandalized, defaced or destroyed…even I don’t want to see that happen.


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