University of Maryland Terrapins making fashion moves in sports….

Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank is a U of M alumnus and you can tell because he is putting the school on the map when it comes to being a fashion icon in sports. Plank is trying to put the Terrapins up there with the Oregon Ducks (where Phil Knight, co-founder and chairman of Nike, Inc. is an alumnus of) when it comes to multiple styles and fashions in the uniforms the athletes wear.

Last season the unveiled new uniforms and I have to admit, I like the “thinking outside of the box” concept and mentality, but there was so much going on with the uniforms that if you look at them long enough it would trigger a seizure.


This year’s version is a little more toned down and still infused with the state flag.


One thing I can say that I liked from last year’s “bumper crop” of fashion was the turtle-themed helmets the wore; they really emphasized the “Hell in a Shell” moniker. I hope they keep that in their fashion rotation.


The Terrapins have plans for a new playing surface in Byrd Stadium; the technology was developed by a company called FieldTurf and it features a surface that will reduce the heat on the playing field and it seems to be a hit for the players during offseason workouts. Image

Look for the University of Maryland to be one of the flag ships to push collegiate fashion to the next level and bring top recruits to the school because of it.


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