My NBA Top 10 Players

This is one of the best Top 10 lists out there; had to give my homie kudos. Inspiring me to put a list together myself…..check it out!



ESPN has released their player rankings and have a top 5 that does not include Kobe Bryant. Really? I personally can’t put Dwight Howard or Derrick Rose in the top 5 due to their respective injuries and not knowing how they will come back this season. So I’ve decided to post my top 10:

1. Lebron James– He has been the most talented overall player for several years, but now he has the hardware to go along with it. Nuff said.

2. Kevin Durant– Best pure scorer in the league right now. Can improve on defense a little. Will have his team right in the thick of the West title again this year.

3. Kobe Bryant– Yes he’s getting older. Yes he doesn’t have the explosion he once did. I hear all of that. Kobe still finished 2nd in the league in scoring and if you…

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