Jerry Sandusky sentenced to +30 years in prison

This will be the second to last time I will be talking about this MONSTER, the next time will be when his ass is dead and I hope he suffers before that happens.

Jerry Sandusky, the 68-year-old former Penn State assistant coach who was found guilty in June of this year on 45 counts of child sexual abuse, convicted of molesting 10 boys over a 15 year span.  To make this even more despicable is that he victimized troubled youths that was in his charitable organization, The Second Mile; instead of using this establishment for what it was for, helping kids, he used it as a farm system to prey upon troubled and defenseless youths. 

Eight of his victims testified in court over the summer, describing in detail a range of sexual abuse which included oral sex, fondling and anal inercourse.  Former graduate assistant Mike McQuery testified that he saw Sandusky raping a young boy in a locker room shower on Penn State campus.

It was stated that in court, Sandusky gave a statement in which he denied the allegations, talked about prison life,  gave a “locker room pep talk” about being the underdog in the fourth quarter, about forgiveness, about dogs and about the movie Seabiscuit; he also spoke about the pain of being away from his family.  Do we really care about his pain right now?  He lived his disgusting and sick life in the public as a sexual predator until he was caught in his mid-to-late 60’s.  These victims were violated in the early teens and will bear the pain for the rest of their lives.  Do you really give a damn about Sandusky’s pain?  I don’t!

Three of his victims showed up at the courthouse for the sentencing and spoke to Sandusky and the people in the courtroom, trying to hold back the painful tears.

“I want you to know I don’t forgive you and I don’t know if I will ever forgive you.  My only regret is that I didn’t come forward sooner.”

“I’ve been left with deep painful wounds that you caused and had been buried in the garden of my heart for many years.”

“I am troubled with flashbacks of his naked body, something that will never be erased from my memory, Jerry has harmed children, of which I am one of them.”

Once again, do we give a damn about Sandusky’s pain?  I think not.

Judge John Cleland sentenced Sandusky to 30-60 years in prison.  Under Pennsylvania law, he cannot be released on parole before the minimum term is up.  “The tragedy of this crime is that it’s a story of betrayal.  I’m not going to sentence you to centuries in prison, all though the law will permit that.”  Judge Cleland believes that the +30-years sentence he placed on the 68-year old will keep him in prison for the rest of his natural life. 

Good news and good riddance!

Written by Arnold Glass II


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