The stage is set for the 2012 World Series

Now we have the contestants for the 2012 World Series–The Detroit Tigers from the American League going against the National League’s San Francisco Giants.  I think this will be a good series that will go to 6 games with the Tigers ending up as champions.

First, Detroit has been sitting at home for 6 days waiting for the winner of the NLCS between the Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals, this gave them time set up the lineup the way they wanted while the Giants had only one day to rest and get their lineup ready to go.

Next is the batting.  Giants are not short of players who “bring the bats”, especially with Buster Posey who just might win NL-MVP honors, but let’s be real on what they have on the Detroit-side; you have the Triple Crown winner in Miguel Cabrera and power-hitting Prince Fielder, you can’t have a better one-two combo at bat.

Last, is the pitching. The pitch corps of Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Barry Zito, Madison Bumgarner and Ryan Vogelsong has brought the Giants to the World Series and they have done a good job in the postseason, but when we talk about the Tigers’ Justin Verlander who have been beasting in the postseason.  Verlander is the only pitcher we know who gets looser and throws faster as the game goes on which is ridiculous; you back him up with the lineup of Doug Fister, Anibal Sanchez and Max Scherzer–you can’t go wrong.

Let’s not forget that the Tigers SWEPT the Yankees; I know the Yankees was short their captain and A-Rod didn’t show up (mentally), but we are talking about the Yankees and yes, A-Rod has always been known NOT to show up in the postseason.

My pick to win the 2012 World Series is the Detroit Tigers, it is just the matter of how long it will take them.  I still say 6.

Written by AG2


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