HOT SEAT – NFL Head Coaches

We are halfway through the season and I know there are some football fans out there who have a coach on their minds that they want on the chopping block.  Here’s my Top 6.

Norv Turner (Chargers) – The Bolts have lost four of the last five games and have gone six consecutive quarters without scoring a touchdown, they had a 24-0 lead at halftime against the Denver Broncos in Week 6 to turn around and lose the game 35-24 ( I enjoyed that lost since I’m a Broncos fan); but the lowest point of the season was the Week 8 loss to the Cleveland Browns.  Norv Turner took over the reigns of a 14-2 Chargers in 2006 and the team has been regressing ever since. The team hasn’t reached the playoffs the last two years and this year looks like it’s starting to get out of reach.

Jason Garrett (Cowboys) – 2011 was his first full season as head coach and he had to deal with a lot of key injuries, so I will kindly give him a pass there.  Dallas has a plethora of talent on its roster, but they lack discipline; let’s not talk about the mental collapse during the final minutes of the Ravens’ game in Week 6.  I don’t want to start any rumors, but don’t you think that defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is the type of head coach needed in Big D? Yeah, you know you have been thinking about it too.  I know Jerry Jones stated recently that Garrett will be the head coach of the Cowboys in 2012, but what about 2013?

Pat Shurmur (Browns) – The Cleveland Browns are under new ownership with Jimmy Haslam III writing the checks and it has been stated that GM Mike Holmgren will be retiring at the end of the season.  It might be reasonable to think that the new owner would want to bring in his own coach of choice.  Coach Shurmur is not making himself look good with the head-scratching decisions he makes which makes us think he doesn’t have confidence in his team and that might lead to the team lacking confidence in him.

Chan Gailey (Bills) – At the start of the season, Bills fans voted that Gailey had a good chance of keeping his job past the 2012 season and it was as high as 88%; now coming out of their bye week, that percentage went into a tailspin where it is at 20%.  He has a 13-26 overall record, including 2-12 in the AFC East.  Those a the type of numbers that will keep his seat nice and toasty!

Romeo Crennel (Chiefs) – I thought when Crennel ended up as the interim coach of the Kansas City Chiefs after Todd Haley was fired and he finished the 2011 season with a 2-1 finish and almost made it to the playoffs, he was the head coach they was looking for.  In addition, the Chiefs were going to have key players coming back from season-ending injuries (i.e. Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry).  I thought this was going to be their breakout season, I even thought so much as to pick them to be the Sleepers of the AFC; I think they are still sleeping because at 1-6, the Chiefs are the worst team in the NFL.  Kansas City is the first team since 1940 not to hold a lead in regulation through seven games.

Ron Rivera (Panthers) – This is Rivera’s second season as head coach in Carolina and they are 1-6.  Owner Jerry Richardson already cleaning shop by firing GM Marty Hurney (who hired Rivera) last week.  It has been stated that Richardson and Rivera held a post-Hurney meeting and Rivera knows his job status is being evaluated with the last 9 games.  Coach Rivera said he hasn’t ruled out firing assistant coaches and cutting players who are underperforming.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Who do you think will be the first NFL coach to get the “pink slip“?

Written by AG2


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