2012 Bears “D” or the 2000 Ravens “D”?

I gotta say I’m kinda partial to this comparison because I still think the 1985 Chicago Bears defense was the best ever!  They would impose their will on you until they see the “I said UNCLE” in your facial expression when they lined up across from you.  They would be laughing and joking during the games taking turns on who gonna get the next sack or explosive hit while you’re trying to figure out how are we gonna get out of here alive.



Now let’s talk about the comparisons between the two teams NFL Network put together that I really didn’t think about until now.  I will admit that I thought the 2000 Baltimore Ravens would be the next team (behind the ’85 Bears) to be the “Ultimate Defensive Team“, but as I look at the stats after 8 games this season, the 2012 Bears might surpass them with that title.


2012 Bears               Categories               2000 Ravens

15.0                           PPG                                 11.1

318.1                    Total YPG                          251.4

88.0                        Rush YPG                        61.9

28                          Takeaways                        24

25                                Sacks                             14

7                              Defensive TDs                0

*After 8 games


NFL analyst Brian Billick (who was the head coach of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens that won the Super Bowl that year) made a good statement when ask to compare the two defenses:

It’s not a fair question to ask, the Bears will have to break the all-time scoring record and win the Super Bowl, but they’re a very impressive group.

He also said that with this Bears’ D, you don’t ask yourself “if we turn the ball over“, you ask yourself “when we turn the ball over, let’s make sure they don’t score“.



This might be a bias statement because I was born, raise and live in The Chi and I know there’s the San Francisco 49ers who has a dominating defense also, but I just remembered the ’85 Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl and the 2000 Ravens did also; if the Chicago Bears are just as good or even better than those two….hmmmmmm?






Written by AG2





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