The first culprits of the NBA’s Flopping Rule

The NBA issued flopping warnings to the Timberwolves’ JJ Barea and the Cavaliers’ Donald Sloan on Monday.

Barea’s “flopped” after contact while defending Sacramento Kings’ Jimmer Ferdette in the fourth quarter of Friday nights game.

Sloan’s “flop” showed him tumble a few feet after a pick set against him by Chicago Bulls’ Nazr Mohammed also on Friday.

The new policy that was put in place before the season was developed to stop players from trying to “sell” a contact in  an attempt to get the referees to call a foul.  NBA officials will review the plays and inform the players at a later date if the act falls under “flopping”.

This first is a warning, the second offense is a $5K fine, followed by a $10K fine for the third, a $15K for the fourth and $3oK for the fifth.  Any more flops after that leads to a suspension.

What do you think about the flopping rule in the NBA?

Written by AG2


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