Steve Blake gets fined $25K for verbal abuse of a fan

It seems like the media and some fans are jumping on the Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Blake for giving an obnoxious courtside fan a tongue-lashing before fouling out of Friday night’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

In the vid, you can see when the Clippers’ PG Chris Paul goes to the free throw line, Blake turns towards the sideline and gives a front row fan some “colorful wordplay”; only seconds after (according to the time clock on the scoreboard)he commits his sixth foul (yes, he fouled out), he walks over to the fan and personally gives him “the verbal business”.

I read one individual in the media state that “just because a player makes a lot of money on the basketball court he thinks he can say whatever he wants to people out there.”  I say that players are human and they make mistakes too.

I’m sure Steve Blake hears it all the time and is used to it, but there’s always that one time when you have a bad game (he went 2-6 shooting from the field in 39 minutes); and I’m sure while he was sticking Chris Paul that he had his ankles broken and was “dropped off” plenty of times.  After a game like that, the last thing you want hear is a rich asshole in the front row talking about your wife and/or kids (I figured it was his wife since Blake replied with a “my wife will f#*k you up”).  I think that was worth the money.

I don’t know now since Executive Vice President Stu Jackson hit Blake with a $25,000 fine.

Yeah, Blake might be light in the pocket because of the incident, but I can’t blame him for giving it back to a heckler.  Wow, I can’t believe I defended a Lakers player, Damn….oh, I mean…..

Written by AG2


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