Maryland Terps go “Black Ops” against FSU

If you remember back in August, I made a post on how Under Armour CEO and University of Maryland alum Kevin Plank was trying to go toe-to-toe with Nike CEO and University of Oregon alum Phil Knight in the battle to be the fashion icon in sports.  Well Plank and the Terrapins stepped their game up once again, they went “BLACK OPS” on us.  The Terps’ unis are blacked out with the state flag design from the 2011 “state pride” unis, but faded out.

The unis will make their appearance this Saturday (11/17/12) when they play the Florida State Seminoles.  Too bad they cannot play as well as they look; Maryland has a 2-4 conference record (4-6 overall) due to the unbelievable injuries that plagued the football team this year.  They lost four…count them….four quarterbacks to season-ending foot and knee injuries; that is unheard of, you would think they was on the cover of Madden 13 and caught the curse.  They are hurting in the ACC, but they’re looking good!

“Maryland Pride” uniforms of 2011


Maryland “Black Ops” uniform of 2012

Written by AG2


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