Tragedy in Kansas City

Chiefs helmet

The Jovan Belcher murder/suicide rocked more than the Kansas City Chiefs, more than the city of Kansas City, it rocked the sports world in general.  The senseless crime began when Kansas City Chiefs’ linebacker Jovan Belcher and his live-in girlfriend Kasandra Perkins had an argument when Perkins was late coming home from a Trey Songz’s concert.  The argument spilled into the morning and around 7am, Belcher shot the mother of his 3-month old daughter (Zoey) NINE TIMES with a handgun in front of his own mother that was visiting from Long Island, NY; he then drove to Arrowhead Stadium to thank head coach Romeo Crennel and general manager Scott Pioli for giving him a chance to play in the NFL and being there for him during the four years.  Crennel and Pioli tried to talk him into putting the gun down, but when police arrived Belcher walked away from the coach and GM and shot himself in the head.

I have to give mad props to the Kansas City Chiefs organization for many things they done right this weekend after the horrific act a member of their football team ended up doing to change the lives of many people.

First, I don’t know how Chiefs’ head coach Romeo Crennel had the composure to proceed with coaching a Sunday afternoon NFL game after witnessing one of his players committing suicide right in front of him.  I have to admit that Crennel was on my list of NFL coaches set to be fired by the end of the sesason, but I think he has a pass now because of the mental fortitude he has shown and the new-found respect he has from his players; this might change the Chiefs from their losing ways (they are now 2-10 with the win against the Carolina Panthers Sunday).Pioli and Crennel




Next, I have to give the players credit for going forward in playing the game against the Panthers just 24 hours after finding out that one of their own committed a heinous act and ended up taking his own life in the process.  No matter how we feel about Jovan Belcher, he was a teammate that is no longer going into a gridiron battle with them and the players didn’t have enough time to process what just happened and surely didn’t have enough time to grieve.  The one who I admire the most out of all the players going out and playing the game Sunday was their star running back Jamaal Charles, his wife was Kasandra Perkin’s cousin and they introduced her to Belcher.  He played the game and turned out some good numbers (27 carries for 127 yards)

Jamaal Charles



Finally, I have to give credit to the Kansas City Chiefs organization for making the decision to have a moment of silence for unnamed victims of domestic violence, perhaps the closest the Chiefs could come to recognizing the death of a member of the organization without giving the appearance that he was being elevated after Belcher’s horrific crime.  I will end this post by giving my thoughts and prayers to the Perkins family, the Belcher family and to ‘lil Zoey Michelle Belcher.

God Bless.

Perkins - Belcher fam

Kassandra Perkins and Zoey - KC


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