Raptors Amir Johnson gets a one-game suspension for throwing mouthpiece at ref

The NBA announced late Tuesday Raptors center Amir Johnson has been suspended one game for throwing his mouthpiece at official David Jones in Toronto’s game Monday against Portland.

The incident happened when Johnson tried to grab the ball following a free throw (a little ritual of his) but Jones wouldn’t let him have it trying to keep the game going. The two played a game of tug-of-war with the ball, Jones hit Johnson with a technical, then a second to kick him out of the game and then Johnson threw his mouthpiece in frustration, hitting Jones in the back.

I think it was childish between both of us.  We were both wrestling with the ball. That was kind of childish. We both either could’ve let it go or anything. That part was childish. Plus, on my part for reacting that way.

He turned his back and I really wanted to know what happened.  Nothing was said. I lost my cool right there. I never had any problems all the eight years I’ve been in the league. I never argued with a ref or did anything wrong. From there, I just lost my cool.

First, I didn’t even know he been in the league for 8 years, funny how the only time he’s relevant is when he throws a mouthpiece at a ref and gets suspended.  Second, we got to give Johnson a pass because he stuck in “basketball limbo” that is called the Toronto Raptors and I don’t know when was the last time they were relevant (back in the Vince Carter days).  Johnson apologized after the game.

I’m going to accept the consequences.  Whatever happens, happens. I apologize if I hurt anybody or I did anything wrong. It is what it is.


Written by AG2


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