Professional sports need to do more to prevent DUIs

 Drunk Driving2 

On the aftermath of the drunk driving tragedy where an intoxicated Dallas Cowboys Nose Tackle Josh Brent got into a one car accident where his passenger and close friend/teammate Cowboys’ linebacker Jerry Brown, Jr. was killed.  A strong message needs to be sent throughout professional sports that you do not get behind the wheel while intoxicated; there’s NO EXCUSES for athletes to put themselves and the public in danger by getting drunk and driving a motor vehicle.  There are programs in place for athletes to use if they know they are about to go out and have some drinks.  The NFL has a well-known program that aids the players by giving you card with a telephone number.  Call that number and a retired police officer will pick you up from the location you are at and take you to your destination while there’s another individual who will drive your car to your desired location; you can’t get any better than that.  If you prefer to not use the services you are making enough money to pay for a cab or pay a friend of yours to be the designated driver.

I believe the penalty has to be harsh and clear-cut so it can make a player think about what they are doing and the consequences involved with their actions; careers may need to be in jeopardy.  If a player is in an accident or pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, he/she must receive a suspension from game play for an entire year, 365 days and not the league season.  That means that if a player has violated the drunk driving rules in the second week of December, he/she must fulfill the suspension from the end of that season and will not play in the league until the second week of December of the following year.  If there’s an injury to an individual or/and or loss of life because of the DUI violation, then there should be an indefinite ban placed on the player from the sport at the commissioner’s discretion.

People might think that my suggestion is too harsh, but think about it…if you and I start a new job, most likely we sign moral clauses in our contract and if we are ticketed with a DUI, we would lose our jobs.  If ESPN or FOX Sports employees get a DUI, they lose their jobs; what makes professional players better than the rest of us?  Nothing!  There are countries that would permanently take away driving privileges if someone is convicted of a DUI, so what I’m saying is not as harsh as it can get.

Drunk Drivinig4Lives have been altered and lost because of the decisions of a drunk individual decided to get behind the wheel instead of calling a cab, calling a friend, having a designated driver or just staying where they are at until they sober up.  Harsh penalties need to be set in place right now for professional players to show them that they are not above the law and that they have to suffer the same consequences just like the general public; then fatal accidents like a couple of weeks ago won’t happen and Jerry Brown, Jr. will still be around to fulfill his dream as a NFL player.

Written by AG2


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