Talking about Buzzer-Beater

The Dallas Mavericks was playing the Oklahoma City Thunder in OKC.  The Mavs were down 3 points (98–95) with 2.2 seconds left on the clock.  Shawn Marion inbounds the ball to Vince Carter; this is where it gets kinda blurry.  People think that Carter got the ball knocked away, but I think it was a set play where Carter quickly passes that ball back to Marion, he pulls defenders to him with a dribble towards the basket and quickly dishes out to the open 3-point shooter,which was the guard Darren Collison.  Collison throws up the “I don’t have time to touch the floor, so here’s my hail mary” three-pointer at the buzzer.

The shot went in and gave the Mavericks new life after they blew an 11-point quarter lead. The Mavericks still lost 111-105 in OT, but it was a hellava shot.

Written by AG2

Video by NBA


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