What…Durant ejected from a game?

The Mayans might be right, just picked the wrong date; the end of the world must be near if a soft-spoken, kind-hearted momma’s boy like Kevin Durant gets kicked out of an NBA game.


That’s what happened, the All-Star small forward was ejected from Wednesday night’s game against the Brooklyn Nets, the first time in his career.  The Oklahoma City Thunder was down by 16 points to the Nets with 1:57 left on the game clock in the fourth quarter.  Durant was agitated by an offensive foul called on teammate Kendrick Perkins (it was the right call) and started verbally assaulting the referee, Danny Crawford.  He was hit with a technical foul which was followed by a second because Durant wouldn’t stop.  Before he left the court, Durant turned his head and released an “F” bomb at him.

Even though we all know the commish (David Stern) will probably issue a fine for the violation, I think we can let Durant pass for being a little frustrated on the outcome of the game.  I wonder was Ms. Pratt thinks about what her son’s actions, Kevin probably rather face Stern instead.

Written by AG2

Video by Marques Hernandez


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