Latest on the NFL coaching vacancies

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The first domino has fallen in the NFL coaching choices.  Andy Reid has agreed to coach the Kansas City Chiefs.  Who’s on the other 6 NFL teams’ wishlist?

Arizona Cardinals

Wishlist: Ray Horton(Cardinals Defensive Coordinator), Mike McCoy (Broncos Offensive Coordinator), Lovie Smith (ex-Bears coach), Todd Haley (Steelers Offensive Coordinator)

The latest: Team president Michael Bidwill also interviewed Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton for the position Tuesday and is scheduled to meet with Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy in Denver Saturday. The team has also requested to interview Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who served in the same role for the Cardinals when they won the NFC in 2008. An NFL Network report listed the Cardinals as one of two teams that former Bears coach Lovie Smith would be most interested in leading.


Buffalo Bills

Wishlist: Ken Whisenhunt (ex-Cardinals coach), Ray Horton, Hue Jackson(Bengals Assistant to Special Teams and Assistant to Defensive Backs), Lovie Smith, Doug Marrone (Syracuse coach), Chip Kelly (Oregon coach), Mike McCoy

The latest: After Bills execs interviewed recently fired Cardinals head coach Whisenhunt as well as his former defensive coordinator Ray Horton earlier in the week, they interviewed three more candidates on Friday. The team formally met with Lovie Smith, Doug Marrone and had a quick meeting with Chip Kelly Friday.

The team is reportedly meeting with Mike McCoy Saturday. Hue Jackson might speak to the Bills next week after the Bengals wild card loss this Saturday against Houston.


Chicago Bears

Wishlist: Mike McCoy, Joe DeCamillis (Cowboys Special Teams Coordinator), Mike Sullivan (Buccaneers Offensive Coordinator), Keith Armstrong (Falcons Special Teams Coordinator), Tom Clements (Packers Offensive Coordinator), Pete Carmichael Jr. (Saints Offensive Coordinator), Bruce Arians (Colts Offensive Coordinator)

The latest: The Bears have requested permission to speak with Colts offensive coordinator Arians, who will be able to interview for head coaching jobs after his team’s wild-card game Sunday. A variety of reports all indicate that the Bears have focused their initial search on a variety of current NFL assistants. McCoy, Mike Sullivan, Keith Armstrong, Joe DeCamillis and Pete Carmichael Jr. will reportedly get interviews. The Chicago Tribune reports that the team would also like to interview Packers offensive coordinator Tom Clements.


Cleveland Browns

Wishlist: Chip Kelly, Doug Marrone, Ray Horton, Ken Whisenhunt

The latest: Oregon coach Chip Kelly is reportedly the team’s top target and expected to interview with the team for a second time Saturday night. The team reportedly interviewed Doug Marrone Thursday as well as Ray Horton and Ken Whisenhunt earlier in the week.


Philadelphia Eagles

Wishlist: Chip Kelly, Bruce Arians, Mike McCoy, Gus Bradley (Seahawks Defensive Coordinator), Doug Marrone, Mike Nolan (Falcons Defensive Coordinator), Keith Armstrong

The latest: The team Chip Kelly Saturday, even though Kelly is believed to be close to a deal with the Cleveland Browns. The Eagles are scheduled to meet with McCoy on Sunday and likely will speak to Marrone at some point shortly. Arians and Gus Bradley are set to meet with the team sometime next week. Team execs flew to Atlanta Wednesday to interview Mike Nolan and Keith Armstrong.


San Diego Chargers

Wishlist: Bruce Arians, Lovie Smith

The latest:The Indianapolis Colts’ offensive coordinator, who led the team during Chuck Pagano’s illness this season, is reportedly on the Chargers’ short wish list. The team is seeking both a new general manager and coach and may look to hire a general manager who could help with the hiring process first. Arians is unable to interview until next week anyway since his team plays Baltimore in Sunday’s AFC Wild Card matchup. ESPN is reporting that the team would also like to speak with Lovie Smith about the position as well.


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