Sounds like the Maloofs are reneging…again!

The Maloof Brothers

The Maloof Brothers

After it was reported on Wednesday that the Maloof family almost had a deal completed to sell the Sacramento Kings to a group led by Chris Hansen with an intent to move the team to Seattle, word started to become public on Thursday of a snag in the negotiations.

From the Seattle Times:

The Maloof family will listen to offers to sell the Sacramento Kings, but might not be willing to walk away from the team entirely — creating a possible snag in the team’s rumored move to Seattle.

The Seattle Times learned from an NBA source Thursday that the family that owns the Kings wants to keep a say in how the team is run, even if they sell it to Chris Hansen, who has a deal in place to build a new arena in Seattle if he can buy a team to play there.

They finally find a buyer to purchase the team for the price that they want ($500 million) which even after relocation fees sets them up at a simply monster profit on value. You gonna tell me in the last hours that you want some control in the team operations?  That’s like buying a brand new car from a dealership, but after purchasing it they tell you that you have to bring the car back to the dealership every night at 10pm.  Keep the damn team!

Let’s not forget what just happened in the past year between the Maloofs and the city of Sacramento; after reneging on a handshake agreement with Sac-town, which did just about everything conceivable to keep the team, they then started flirting with various cities including Virginia Beach, refusing to sell the team despite all the dysfunction.

Commissioner David Stern, this might be one of the times you need to step in and stop the drama.  If you are willing to levy fines when a coach picks an unacceptable time to rest star players then certainly you can intervene when it becomes clear that an owner is engaging in nonsensical & unprofessional negotiation practices – that are damaging to the integrity of the NBA….you know, like when the New Orleans Hornets tried to trade Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers…wait a minute, I liked that stoppage.  🙂


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