Bears’ new head coach: Marc Trestman

Marc Trestman - Bears

Marc Trestman

Most recent position: Montreal Alouettes head coach (CFL)

Age: 57 (Jan. 15, 1956)

Hometown: Minneapolis

Years coaching: 27

NFL coaching stops: Miami Dolphins (2004, QB/AHC); Oakland Raiders (2001-03, OC/QB); Arizona Cardinals (1998-2000, OC/QB); Detroit Lions (1997, QB); San Francisco 49ers (1995-96 OC/QB); Minnesota Vikings (1990-91, QB); Cleveland Browns (1988-89 OC/QB); Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1987, QB); Minnesota Vikings (1985-86, RBs)


NFL: Chicago Bears-OTAWhen the Bears general manager Phil Emery fired head coach Lovie Smith and stated that the organization was looking for an offensive-minded head coach, they went up north…to CANADA, to get the man they was looking for; I think they made the right choice.

Ever since Jay Cutler has been the quarterback for the Chicago Bears, his talents (and safety) has been on the back burner while the defense get all of the headlines.  Jay has been sacked an average of 37 times over the past four years despite only playing an average of 14 games.  He worked with multiple offensive coordinators with no success.Jay Cutler - BEars



Testman with qbMarc Trestman knows a little bit about working with beatened-down QBs that have a canon for an arm.  Anthony Calvillo, the Montreal Alouettes’ quarterback, threw 17 touchdowns and eight interceptions in 2007 while getting sacked 68 times (damn!) before Trestman became the Alouettes head coach.  After Trestman took over, Calvillo saw a 2008 season in which he threw 43 touchdowns and 13 picks while only taking 22 sacks. 

The NFL has turned into an offensive-happy league and Phil Emery knows this; he made a blockbuster move before the 2012 season when he traded draft picks to the Miami Dolphins to acquire Brandon Marshall, who in a single year has literally become the greatest wide receiver in Bears history. 

The “outside of the box” thinking Emery has will benefit the Chicago Bears in the long run; by keeping the “Monsters of the Midway” defensive persona and bringing in Trestman to rejuvenate the offense and getting the most out of Cutler’s talent will make the Bears more competitive in today’s NFL.  I will continue to put my trust in the GM for making the right moves.

Written by AG2


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