Stevan “Rainbow Brite” Ridley…SMH!!!!

Okay, I know I’m not the only one that think this is quite DISTURBING!  How can I take a man, let alone a professional football, serious when he is walking around in RAINBOW MOONBOOTS and a ONESIE?

Stevan Ridley

Fashion (and Masculine) FAUX PAS ALERT!!!!!


I know you need some time to let this soak in for a second…

The New England Patriots are about to play in the AFC Championship game Sunday and Ridley walks into the locker room with his “Rainbow Brite” getup?  I definitely have the Patriots to lose against the Baltimore Ravens because Ridley just messed up everybody’s concentration to prepare for the game. Now every time I see him on the field, I got this picture burned in my memory.

I feel like watching Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory or Dora the Explorer right now.


2 thoughts on “Stevan “Rainbow Brite” Ridley…SMH!!!!

  1. I see nothing wrong with it.
    To each, his/her own.

    He’s unconventional.
    There is nothing wrong with unconventional people.
    Why does everybody have to be normal.
    Why can’t people just be themselves.

    I am an unconventional person too.
    It’s not clothes though.
    It’s my belief systems and approach in life in general.
    Norms are joke. Norms are based on the biases of society.

    • You are right…to each, his/her own. If you have the confidence to come out and wear a onesie and rainbow moonboots and can weather the criticism, I got much respect for your individuality. You never know, this might catch on and it will be in fashion; I can tell you that I’m not going to be in fashion if it’s the “in” thing but it can happen.

      I can be cool with the onesie, but the rainbow boots is not hitting it with me; am I gonna catch YOU in this outfit? Lol! Thanks for the comment.

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