JaMarcus Russell caught who’s attention?

I have to laugh, every time I want to let go of the NFL for a while and blog on the NBA and my hometown Chicago Bulls, stories pop up that grab my attention and I have to give my two cents.  This is one of them.

JaMarcus Russell

The New York Jets fired general manager Mike Tannenbaum because of the poor decisions he made, you know trading for Tim Tebow  and giving starting  quarterback Mark Sanchez the extension almost at the same time; that project backfired – the team finished 6-10, Tebow ended up being a “human paperweight” and Sanchez ended the 2012 season as the worst QB in the NFL (and they owe Sanchez $8.2M next season).

Now enters John Idzik as the new GM for the Jets.  You would think he would have a new perspective on how to right the ship, he has already shocked the football world by stating that the top cornerback in the league, Darrelle Revis, is being evaluated and might be up on the trading block; but in typical Jets fashion, the organization did some way-outside-the-box thinking.

Newark Star-Ledger’s Conor Orr broke the latest news out of Jets camp.

“After Tannenbaum was let go, members of the organization had some very exploratory, informal discussions regarding former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell, the 2007 No. 1 overall pick who flamed out of the NFL after the 2009 season.  Russell recently decided to mount a comeback in hopes of returning to the league next season.”

JaMarcus Russell2Are you kidding me?  You already have QB that lacks confidence and might be washed up, you brought in another “wannabe” QB that looks like you brought in for show (sorry Sanchez and Tebow fans, I’m just being real)and now you want to bring in an overweight unenthusiastic QB that thinks he wants to come back because he lost 12 pounds?  HE IS STILL OVER 300 POUNDS!!!!  He’s not serious, he might have eaten his money away and looking for another payday.  The best you can do for Russell is plug him somewhere on the offensive line (maybe the Bears can get rid of their OT J’Marcus Webb and plug-in JaMacus….never mind).

I’m glad I’m not a Jets fan, because this type of news would get me heated and have me think we got rid of a mad scientist just to hired a crazy mad scientist and the New York Jets are just guinea pigs.


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