The final score of our Pick’em or Shut Up! league

To all of our competitors who joined GET WITTED SPORTS’ 1st Annual PICK’EM OR SHUT UP! league at Yahoo! Sports, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for stepping up when we called you out.  Many were chosen but few met the challenge.

Congrats to Dave from WakeUpItsFootball for winning the league; he definitely knows his stuff and he will be a tough player to take the belt from next year.  Congrats also goes to Vernie B from TeamBoydTV for being the FIRST and ONLY lady to step up to the challenge; she held her own by holding the Top Spot for weeks along with arsenal will kick ass, Tallstac and rtl70.

Looking forward to bigger and better things for the league next season, so be prepared to get called out once again on YouTube (Get Witted Sports channel) some time in mid-August.  You know how we do.

Here’s the final standings AFTER the Super Bowl.

1 WakeUpItsFootball 177 177-89
2 arsenal will kick ass 176 176-90
3 GLASS 175 175-91
4 Bearsbound0809 174 174-92
5 Vernie B 174 174-92
6 WholeGrainSports 169 169-97
7 rtl70 169 169-97
8 Tallstac 168 168-98
9 bigal49ers 168 168-98
10 BRANDON 160 160-106
11 BIGWARRIORS1 159 159-107
12 Bigg Q 152 152-114
13 milk duds 150 150-116
14 WhoDat TruDat 129 129-137
15 Idiot Sports Talk/EzraIceCream 98 98-168
16 All Hate 90 90-176
17 AFCMiamiEast 80 80-186
18 TheOdyssey 75 75-191
19 Chicago Steelchess 57 57-209

Once again, thanks for joining in and until we meet again for the 2013-14 season…as always – be good and be safe.


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