Damn Kobe, don’t hurt them!

You guys know I’m an official Laker-Hater (if you didn’t, now you know), but I will give credit and respect where it is due.  Kobe Bryant is just “Dat Dude”… an “Assassin to the Nth Power”.  The Black Mamba been playing in the NBA going on 17 years and it looks like he has a solid 2-3 years left in him.

What he did to the Brooklyn Nets’ Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries was just bad. Take a look!

Bryant’s attacking drive and slam between, excuse me, “ON” Wallace and Humphries snapped an 80-all tie, the play that had Barclays Center jumping in his first trip to a new arena that was filled with plenty of Lakers’ gold and purple.   At the end of the night the Lakers beat the Brooklyn Nets 92-83.

“I was pretty shocked that the lane was so wide open,” Bryant said. “I think everybody’s been drinking the Kobe pass Kool-Aid, so everybody kind of stayed on the perimeter on the shooters and it just parted like the Red Sea. So I felt a little like Moses.”

Battling recent elbow pain, Bryant said his arm hurt a bit after the play but he was forced to ignore it.

“After a play like that, you really can’t grab your arm, it messes up the swag of the moment,” he said. “So you’ve got to kind of suck it up for a while.”

“Swag of the moment”, go ahead Kobe!  I think I’ve heard it all now.  I don’t think Kris Humphries gets the credit he deserves for being a good forward in the NBA, but I don’t feel sorry for him getting “posterized”, you got to move quicker than that or don’t move at all.  Looking at the slow motion doesn’t make it any better.  It makes me want to say “No Humphries, don’t jump…don’t jump…Dayum!”


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