I hate Duke already, but now…

As I said in the title, I HATE THE DUKE BLUE DEVILS (in a sports sense) because even when the team is irrelevant, it seems like the media and the NCAA want to keep them in the limelight.  I think Coach K is a great coach, but it is just something about the Dukies that just get under my skin; I know one thing, with Duke you either love them or despise them.

Cameron Crazies (Duke)Here’s a reason why I just hate them (remember it’s in a sports sense), the Cameron Crazies are known in college basketball as the craziest (and obnoxious) fans out there.  The Crazies are known for painting their bodies blue and white or wearing outrageous outfits. They start cheering soon as warm-ups begin.  Most of the time they are just being funny, but there are times where they get rude and crude and Thursday night they definitely hit under the belt.

The #4 Duke Blue Devils played the North Carolina State Wolfpack and news came out that the Wolfpack guard Tyler Lewis lost his grandmother last Friday; they were close and he would check on her everyday.  The Crazies found out this information and used it as verbal ammunition.

I know it wasn’t the whole student section, but it was enough to where you can hear the chant in the background.  That is just messed up, you are able to stoop low enough to get personal in a public arena and go after a young man by taunting him with his deceased family member that he loved.

Even a Duke student admitted to hearing the chant…

Joseph Henry February 8, 2013 at February 8, 2013 at 12:27 am

I’m honestly ashamed to say I’m a duke student. I’m lost grad, and I was stunned to hear this
Hurtful and wildly inappropriate chant. I was @ the game, I heard the chant. Amazing what will be spun as being “appropriate” after they royally screw up. I was at the game, section 19, row 3, and the crowd was not only chanting, but also spreading the word, to chant ‘how’s your grandmother’. Not 1, 2 ,3, but 4 separate people specifically told me his grandmother died as the reason for the chant.

Classless students who are “mightier than thou” have ruined any good the CC wee did.


From what I hear, Duke University has denied that it happened.  Whatever, as always you can’t do no wrong at Duke University.  They need to get off their high horse and address the situation like every other college and university does.  Believe me, I won’t hold my breath thinking they will.


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