Mark Cuban still doesn’t know when to shut up

Mark Cuban-Amnesty

It’s a shame when you have Mark Cuban, the most fined owner in NBA history, still doesn’t get it that he can just say anything he wants; maybe his pockets are deep enough that he doesn’t care, but still…

This is from the Los Angeles Times

The NBA is debating whether to fine Cuban for saying Friday that the Lakers should consider waiving Bryant next season via the one-time amnesty provision. The Lakers would still have to pay Bryant his $30.5-million salary next season but would save the corresponding amount, if not slightly more, in luxury taxes.

Kobe over Mayo-amnestyOn Sunday, Kobe Bryant showed what he thought about the comment by dropping a 38 points in a big win over Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks.

After the game, Kobe tweeted.




The NBA is trying to see if Cuban violated any  tampering rules; you’re not supposed to talk about another team’s business, or contract, or free agents before free agency.

Cuban said that he made it clear during a radio interview Friday that he was speaking hypothetically, and he was just trying to use an example to explain new restrictions in the labor agreement.

I can’t see too much coming from this because even though the Lakers organization thought it was inappropriate, they will not pursue it any further.  I think the NBA just want to stick it to Cuban just to keep him in-line.  

We will see.



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