Ravens QB Joe Flacco just turned into The Big Baller

Reckless Joe with Dollar Sign

He’s named JOE COOL for a reason, but I bet his pockets are HOT!!!!!

Talking about taking advantage of the opportunity given to you and striking when the iron is hot. 2013 Super Champions Baltimore Ravens quarterback and Super Bowl MVP  Joe Flacco has shown the template on how to get paid in the NFL.  Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens reached a tentative agreement Friday on a new contract that would make him the highest-paid player in NFL history.

When the deal is finalized and the contract gets signed, the veteran quarterback would receive in excess of $120 million over six years.  Flacco would earn more than the $20 million average salary of the New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees. 

Some of us might be wondering if he is worth the money he’s been offered, mind you this is a quarterback who has never been to the Pro Bowl or even seen as among the very best at his position and had a hard time during the regular season to pull his team out of a bind and win games.  He might have problems during the regular season, but he turn into a beast when the postseason comes around and he’s in the spotlight.

Joe FlaccoLet’s just state the facts that we know and just break it down.  Since Joe Flacco been in the league (the 18th overall pick by the Ravens in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft) he has started all 16 regular season games and by leading the Ravens to two road wins in the 2008–09 NFL Playoffs, he became both the eighth rookie quarterback in NFL history to start a playoff game and the first rookie quarterback in league history to win two of them. In his second season, he improved his numbers, setting single season franchise records for completion percentage (63.1) and quarterback rating (88.9), and in his third season he became first all time in Ravens history for passing yards (10,206) and passing touchdowns (60). Flacco has set consecutive NFL records for most starts by a quarterback in each of his five seasons, bringing his team to the playoffs and winning at least one postseason game in each of those years. With Flacco as Baltimore’s starting quarterback, the Ravens have won the AFC North division twice, appeared in three AFC Championship games, and won Super Bowl XLVII and was MVP of the game, concluding a postseason run in which he tied Joe Montana’s single postseason record for touchdown passes (11) without an interception.  The 28-year-old Flacco is the only quarterback to win a postseason game in each of his first five pro seasons.   He also holds the record for playoff road wins with six.

Flacco’s rookie contract was a 5-year contract worth $29.75M and he has played out his rookie contract last season for $6.76 million; what a way to end your rookie contract with a statement, SUPER BOWL CHAMPION!

$20 million a season is about right for a QB who can play good enough to get to the playoffs and who can handle playoffs pressure to win it all.  Flacco has 80 starts in 80 games, tossing a 1.82 TD-to-Int ratio (102/56), which is stellar. He has led his offense to 54 wins against 26 losses.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  How many games has Flacco missed in his career? None.


In today’s league, $20 million is a bargain for Flacco.Joe Flacco2


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