Don’t hurt ’em Kobe! Lakers making their move.

When Kobe Bryant promised that the Lakers will make it to the playoffs a week ago, Brandon and I said “Hell to the Naw”!  Well they look like thy are trying to inch their way into that 8th spot (no thanks to the Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors who look like they are dumping games).

Kobe is trying to will his team to win like he always do, they are at .500 now (30-30) and making a nice little run.  They played the Atlanta Hawks Sunday night and the Hawks had them, but as always Kobe will be Kobe and he put a signature stamp on the game when drove past Hawks forward Josh Smith and threw down an arena-rocking, one-handed dunk. A few possessions later, Bryant drove right at Smith and willed a layup over the taller defender for the Los Angeles Lakers’ winning points.

Bryant scored 11 of his 34 points in the fourth quarter and hit the go-ahead layup with nine seconds left, leading the Lakers back to .500 for the first time in more than two months with a 99-98 victory.

Note:  Did you see Kobe look at Josh Smith after the dunk as if to say “don’t you ever….”   I’m just saying.


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