Don’t worry, Flacco won’t see that $120M. History states it.


The news is already out about Joe Flacco‘s $120M contract and you have people up-in-arms about whether he deserves the money or not.  On the GET WITTED SPORTS YouTube channel’s “Two-Cent Deposit on Sports” live chat show, I had a discussion on this subject with my good friend and football aficionado Dave Rantisi (WakeUpItsFootball channel).  I was stating the fact that I really didn’t care for the way the NFL owners don’t honor the player’s contracts and Dave had explained that you have to play to earn the money; I stated that if that was the case then NFL players will never see the money they signed for, and realistically they haven’t.  Here’s the stats I have found that shows that out of all the players that signed $100M+ contracts….NONE of them have seen or earned that money.

Football and moneyHighest Maximum Value of Contract
in NFL History

Player Total Value Est. Amount Earned
Calvin Johnson $132M $21.8M>>
Michael Vick $130M $44.0M
Larry Fitzgerald $120M $19.3M>>
Carson Palmer $119M $50.8M
Donovan McNabb $115M $51.0M
Drew Bledsoe $103M $30.7M
Daunte Culpepper $102M $28.4M
Brett Favre $100M $54.6M
Adrian Peterson $100M $19.6M>>
Albert Haynesworth $100M $34.8M
Michael Vick $100M $32.5M
Mario Williams $100M $25.0M>>
Drew Brees $100M $40.0M>>
>> Still playing under terms of contract
— ESPN Stats & Information

In conclusion I will just say don’t waste your time arguing over the fact whether or not Joe Flacco is worth the money he signed for, because it is almost certain that he will not get the money that was on that 6-year contract.

I’m just saying.


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