Top 10 NBA Point Guards of all-time.

I have promised to put these lists on my blog page and now I’m going to give them out.  I had this in my notes for years and now I think I have the opportunity (and credibility) to put them out there.  For the next couple of weeks I will put out a position (per week) of my Top 10 players of all-time.

Check it out and tell me what you think.


Top 10 POINT GUARDS of All-Time


10 – Lenny Wilkens  Lenny Wilkens - 8


9  – Jason Kidd  Jason Kidd - 10


8 – Steve Nash  Steve Nash - 9



7 – Bob Cousy  Bob Cousy - 7


6 – Walter Frazier  Walt Frazier - 6


5 – John Stockton  John Stockton - 5


4 – Jerry West  Jerry West - 4


3 – Isiah Thomas  Isaiah Thomas - 3


2 – EarvinMagic” Johnson  Magic Johnson - 2


1 – Oscar Robertson  Oscar Robertson - 1


Runner-Ups:  Tiny Archibald and Gary Payton


3 thoughts on “Top 10 NBA Point Guards of all-time.

  1. I respect Oscar Robertson, but I believe he is #2. Magic has got to be #1. Magic has more everything that Oscar, and Oscar is only a better rebounder and scorer. If you look at the true definition of point guard, Magic beats Oscar. But Oscar’s stats are better. Unfortunately, Oscar has only one championship.

    • My GWS partner Brandon and some others made the same statement that you are making. I told them that Robertson averaged a “triple-double” and Brandon replied “if Magic wanted to, he could have done the same” and I can’t argue because he could play all five positions. I’m still gonna stick to my positions, but I can see Magic at #1.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • I can make an argument for Oscar and Magic. Oscar’s being that he was in the same conference as Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain, and when those two are averaging 20 rebounds a game, Oscar can’t respond to that. Oscar did everything for his team. He gave Kareem a championship (throughout the 70s, without Oscar, Kareem got zero rings). He has the most triple doubles (181) in the history of the NBA.

        Magic has the second most triple doubles (138), however I don’t believe he would have ever gotten a triple double. In his younger years, if he didn’t have Kareem he might have come close. Magic has more championships, more All-Star appearances, more style, more MVPs (Oscar was robbed with the ’62 MVP, which was probably the most distinguished MVP of all. Bill Russell got it even though Wilt averaged 50 and 20 and Oscar averaged the triple double), and Magic basically dominated the Western Conference.

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