NBA Lesson: Sometimes doing the right thing is going to cost.

I know I might hear criticism about this, but from the recent “pride-killings” I have seen in the past two weeks from alley-oop dunks does anybody understand that sometimes doing the right thing is going to cost you in an NBA game?

We all know what happened to the Pistons’ Brandon Knight in the hands of the Clippers and specifically DeAndre Jordan; what happened last night to the Celtics’ Jason Terry by  Lebron James and the Miami Heat was just nasty.  I know what they did was right and was for the well-being of the team, but dammit sometimes you just can’t stop the inevitable…so why try it?

I’m just going to keep it real.  I would rather have a coach yell at me for not trying to take a charge than to try to stop something that I don’t have a chance to do.  Knight and Terry is barely (and I mean barely) over 6 feet, you have a 7-footer in Jordan and you have a 6’9″ linebacker in James, and both of them are come at you at top speed and full throttle. You are just asking to be on a poster or baseball card and in rotation on ESPN.  Hell, I just watched James yam on Terry for the 15th time.

Do what the Knicks’ Chris Copeland did.  He was going back to defend the basket and seen an alley-oop forming; instead of getting posterized, he put his hands down and enjoyed the show.  We are not sitting here talking about Copeland, are we?

Once again, I know Terry did the right thing but there’s a cost to that.  All I can here right now is

Wade from behind, takes it away!


and I bet you Jason Terry is hearing that in his sleep.

I’m just saying.


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