My NCAA Final Four picks of 2013

March Madness '13 - Broken Floor

This is one of the best times of the year when it comes to sports – The NCAA tournaments (Men’s and Women’s).  Everybody has their own way of making their picks (some are very quirky and down right insane) and this has to be the first time in decades where there isn’t a true dominant team to pick as a #1.  During the season the #1 team was changes 7-8 times; it was like a team was ranked #1 and three days later someone comes along and beat them that week.

I sat down and looked at my sheets (yes, only sheets… I don’t have to use any mythical or crazy techniques in order to make my picks, just from what I have seen during the basketball season and some stats) and these are my two options on who will make it to Atlanta.

NCAA Final Four '13 #1

My first picks for the Final Four are:
Louisville Cardinals – Georgetown Hoyas – Gonzaga Bulldogs – Miami Hurricanes

NCAA Final Four '13 #2

My ALTERNATE Final Four Picks are:
Louisville Cardinals – Michigan Wolverines – Indiana Hoosiers – Gonzaga Bulldogs

Comment on my picks and give me yours.


5 thoughts on “My NCAA Final Four picks of 2013

    • Well, my #2 sheet has a blemish on it with that sorry G-Town. They didn’t just lose, they got their a** kicked in the first half…and to who? Florida Gulf Coast? I heard they was established in 1997! What the hell?

      • I am so angry? I was THIS close to choosing Ohio State over Gonzaga for that region, but I picked Gonzaga. Gonzaga is so one-dimensional inside. Plus, Ohio State is good almost everywhere. Buckeyes fans are expecting to win the title. You know who has been quiet? Duke.

        Georgetown is like LeBron James. It isn’t clutch in the tournament. Sad.

      • The Zags disappointed me in the first game, shouldn’t have been close. I think they were exposed and it showed in the second game. I’m a Duke-Hater so I will go against them anyway. Lol! Your statement “Georgetown is like LeBron James. It isn’t clutch in the tournament.” Wow! Hahaaaa!

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