TCU’s new statue maybe be INTIMIDATING to more than the opposition

TCU Horned Frogs

I guess Texas Christian University thought that Super Frog the mascot and the original horned frog statue wasn’t doing the job of intimidating their rivals, SMU Mustangs, and other schools they play during the seasons.

Super Frog - TCU

First Horned Frog statue






So I guess the school decided to go all out and put the “Super” in Super Frog and put the emblem of the athletic department on steroids.  Take a look at what the positioned in front of the East Entrance of the newly renovated Amon G. Carter Stadium.

This bronze monster put a whole new meaning to “FEAR THE FROG”….

Yes, that’s a humongous bronze horned frog atop an eight-foot-high polished pedestal, it depicts the thorny monster prowling over a slab of rock.  The TCU Instagram asked fans to describe the statue with one word, how about





all of the above works for me and I like it!

 A real horned frog is known to squirt blood from its eyes, I’m sure the public would think that would be a little much if TCU had this beauty doing that, but I have to admit it would be the icing on the cake for me, too bad.

It’s a must that you have your Big 12 opponents get off the bus right in front of this monster before each game.

I’m just saying…



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