Top NBA Small Forwards of All-Time

Here’s the third installment to my NBA All-Time list of the Top 10s in each position.  Now we are on the small forward position.

10 – Alex English  Alex English - 10


9 – Dominique Wilkins  Dominique Wilkins


8 – Billy Cunningham  Billy Cuningham - 8


7 – Lebron James  Lebron James - 7


6 – Elgin Baylor  Elgin Baylor - 6


5 – Rick Barry  Rick BArry - 5


4 – Julius Erving  Julius Erving - 4


3 – Scottie Pippen  Scottie Pippen - 3


2 – John Havlicek  John Havlicek - 2


1 – Larry Bird  Larry Bird - 1

Runner-ups:  Bernard King, Joe Fulks


5 thoughts on “Top NBA Small Forwards of All-Time

  1. Scottie Pippen is not a top 30 player. He’s top 50. He ‘s not the 3rd best small forward of all time. Better than Dr. J? Elgin Baylor? LeBron James? No, no, no!

  2. Lebron is the best of all time, Havilcek is not top 10, Dr. J and Pippen are not on the same level as Lebron and Bird couldn’t play defense

  3. 1a. Larry Bird (obvious)
    1b. Lebron James (It is just a matter of time before he takes Bird’s spot. He will finish with more mvp’s, probably just as many championships, more all star appearances, and higher career statistical totals than Bird)
    3. Julius Erving (Would be much higher on most peoples’ lists if ABA accomplishments were taken into consideration)
    4. Elgin Baylor (Probably the most statistically dominant SF to ever play. Lack of a title drops him)
    5. John Havlicek (Has the titles but lacks the individual accolades necessary to contend at the top due to playing as a second banana to Bill Russell)
    6. Scottie Pippen (One of the all time great defenders at the position, nearly won an mvp the season Jordan took off to play baseball, for more info see Havlicek)
    7. Rick Barry (Never won an mvp but helped carry an underdog to the championship in 75)
    8. Paul Pierce (10 time all star, 1 championship, 1 finals mvp, 24+ thousand points)
    9. Dominique Wilkins (9 time all star, 2 time scoring champ, 26+ thousand points)
    10. Adrian Dantley (Career averages of 24.3pts, 5.7rebs, and 3apg. 23+ thousand career points, 6 time all star, 2 time scoring champion)

    Honorable mention

    Bernard King
    Alex English
    Billy Cunningham
    Kevin Durant (Will most likely finish in the top 6 on this list eventually)
    Carmelo Anthony (Will probably finish his career anywhere from #8 to #12 on most all time lists)

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