VT Hokies pull out another new helmet this year




Virginia Tech Hokies Posing

Looks like the Virginia Tech Hokies are trying to match with the Oregon Ducks when it comes to multiple football combinations.

VT Unis-Helmets talons and vets VT-New Turkey








You remember last year VT gave us four “thinking out of the box” alternate helmets; from the infamous Hokie Tracks helmet to a green camo, a fighting turkey characature and a turkey silhouette for the Russell Athletic Bowl against Rutgers. Virginia Tech has definitely been expanding thier wardrobe. This upcoming season appears to be much of the same with the unveiling of the Military Appreciation Game helmets.

VT Military helmet-13


These helmets will be worn against Marshall on September 21st. The unique orange and maroon urban camo design will be accompanied by special white uniforms as well. There will, of course, be a special t-shirt you can purchase to sport at the Military Appreciation Game as well.  The Military Appreciation Game is also the Whiteout Game as well. I’m a fan of digitized camo, but not sure how I feel about it in orange. I guess I’ll have to see it with the special white uniforms to get a more complete picture.

What do you think about the orange camo?


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