J-Rose calls out Webber before NCAA championship game

Jalen Rose-Chris Webber


Jalen Rose called out Chris Webber on Monday morning, announcing that all the members of Michigan‘s famed Fab Five but Webber have committed to appearing at the Georgia Dome for tonight’s NCAA Championship to cheer on the Wolverines.

“I could understand if he was homeless and living under a bridge,” Rose said on ESPN’s Mike and Mike show, but Webber lives in Atlanta and works for the host network, he noted.

Webber has been estranged from Michigan since a booster scandal stung the school with sanctions, which included banning him from contact with the program for 10 years. That ban officially ends next month, but Webber could attend tonight’s game as a fan.

Asked if perhaps Webber is reluctant to face the barrage of questions that would accompany his appearance, Rose replied: “That would apply to someone who doesn’t make a living working for the media.”

Webber works for Turner Sports, which partnered with CBS to broadcast the tournament.

Michigan is making its first appearance in the championship game since 1993, when Webber infamously called a timeout that the team didn’t have to help seal a loss to North Carolina.


Chris Webber tweeted this Saturday,


I personally think C-Webb and the rest of the Fab Five members should get together and make this NCAA tourney “epic” for the Michigan Wolverines.  The Fab Five changed the game back then and they should get their just do, whether you liked them or not.

I’m just saying.

Fab Five


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