Cavs fired head coach Byron Scott after three years

Byron Scott - Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers fired third-year head coach Byron Scott on Thursday.

I always thought Scott was sold a “bill of goods” when he took the head coaching job replacing Mike Brown, a week before Lebron James‘ “Decision”. He believed he was going to coach James, but he ended up presiding over a rebuilding effort that saw the franchise accumulate an impressive amount of young talent, but not enough wins to save his job.

His departure isn’t unexpected, as rumors were circling around Scott’s job security in the last two months of the season. In three years with the Cavs, Scott finished with a 64-169 record.

"Dammit...that's three head coaching jobs in a decade"

“Dammit…that’s three head coaching jobs in a decade”




Scott, the NBA Coach of the Year in 2008, has now been fired from three jobs in the last decade, a testament to the fleeting job security of head coaches in the modern NBA.




Kyrie Irving - CavsThe presence of a talented young core, in particular All-Star PG Kyrie Irving, will likely make the job fairly attractive this off-season for any coaching candidates looking for a job.  Kyrie is a restricted free agent in 2015, so the likelihood of him trying to escape out of Cleveland like “you know who” isn’t likely.


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