The NBA suspends NYK’s J.R. Smith for having “Wild Elbows”

I actually thought and was afraid that the Boston Celtics was going to get swept in the first round against the New York Knicks because of how Father Time was creeping up to snatch Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s youthfulness and agility on the basketball court.  Now it looks like the C’s might have a chance of avoiding the sweep because of the actions of  New York’s guard J.R. Smith.

The league announced Saturday that the Knicks’ Sixth Man of the Year has been suspended one game for his flagrant 2 foul committed in Game 3 against guard Jason Terry. In the fourth quarter, with the Knicks up 76-59, Smith threw a wild and intentional elbow at Terry’s chin and, after review, was ejected for the foul.

Smith throws an elbow at Terry“I was trying to draw the foul,” Smith said. “He reached in one time. I thought he was going to reach in again a second time. I was going to try to get a quick shot off, but they made a call that the refs saw. Not really much I could do about it.”

Terry was upset about the elbow and tried to go at Smith after the play.  The Knicks are trying to lock up their first series win since 2000. They lead 3-0.


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