The Dwight Howard drama continues

D12 Lakers

It looks like the drama will never end for Dwight Howard and I can’t feel sorry for him because it is his own doing.  He was one of my favorite players when he came into the league in 2004 right out of high school, but in the past couple of seasons he has been in a nose dive both on the court and with his character and loyalty when it comes to basketball.

d12 leavingLast night was no different  I started watching the game because I thought the Los Angeles Lakers would have enough pride not to go out in the first round, like the Boston Celtics did against the New York Knicks earlier that afternoon but I was sadly mistaken because the San Antonio Spurs put it on them in the first half and it got to a point where I believe I could do something more productive than sit here and watch this blowout and eventually a sweep (I went an rented a movie for my wife and I to watch, gotta get those “brownie points”).  While I was away from the game I was unaware of what transpired during the Lakers blowout loss to the Spurs last night by the score of 103-82;  Dwight Howard was kicked out the game for arguing with the officials.

Not too many people in the NBA/sports world were happy of this selfish move by D12…

Magic Johnson wasn’t the only media voice that “went in” on Dwight Howard for his selfish ejection. Stephen A. Smith on ESPN last night also chimed in on the discussion calling the ejection by Dwight a “Straight up punk move.”


Naw, I don’t think it’s a punk move…that is what former Andrew Bynum did to JJ Barea when he threw him down on the floor when he tried to go up for a layup two years ago; what Howard did yesterday afternoon was a bitch move!  You are arguably his team’s best player at the time (he only scored seven points by the way) and you were willing to relieve yourself from the game with 9:51 remaining in the third quarter and the team trailing by 21 points because you was upset on how the game was going and just left your teammates out there in the last game of the season…you wasn’t willing to go down with the ship?  Let’s be real and just call it like it is…a straight BITCH MOVE!!!!!

To LAKER NATION, the drama is not over; if you actually think that Howard is going to sign an extension to remain a Laker, I have lakefront property I can sell you in Arizona.  Howard made a statement last night that wasn’t reassuring.

Howard was asked to assess his first (and only?) season with the Lakers.

D12 angryA nightmare,” he said. “A bad dream. I couldn’t wake up out of it. It seemed like nothing could go right from the start.



There are two teams in Texas that will try and lure D12 away from the Lakers and I think it won’t be too hard.

Stay tuned.


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