I know it’s Spring, but DWade took it to the next level…

*Shoutout to sky2847 for the vid!


I will start off this post by saying I am not a fashion connoisseur and I am color blind; with that being said…who will tell me that this jacket that Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade wore during the postgame press conference is “in style”?

DWade showed up to his post-game press conference Wednesday night in a floral print leather Versace jacket and matching t-shirt.

I know Wade and other young talented multi-millionaires in professional sports are thinking “out of the box” when it comes to fashion, but there are times where you got to reel that shit back in, and this is one of them.  Hell, he’s dating Gabrielle Union, she couldn’t tell him to put that jacket ensemble back in the closet?

Wade’s stylist, Megan Ann Wilson (meganannwilson.com), tweeted a photo of the Heat shooting guard’s eye-catching look next to the original runway version from Versace’s Spring 2012 menswear show:

I agree with TNT’s Charles Barkley:  “Come on, America, y’all can’t like this jacket?”

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