How do you blow this call?

It’s May 8, 2013….

You have the Oakland Athletics going to Progressive Field to play the Cleveland Indians in a night match-up.  The Indians are leading 4-3 and with two outs in the ninth, A’s shortstop Adam Rosales sent a drive off Chris Perez that appeared to clear the left-field wall by several feet and clanged off a metal railing. However, second-base umpire Angel Hernandez called it a double, and the crew concurred with the original ruling after three umpires left the field to review the videotape.

When the umpires returned and told Rosales to stay at second, Melvin sprinted onto the field and was immediately ejected by Hernandez.

Melvin and hernandez“Everybody else said it was a home run, including their announcers when I came in here later,” a miffed Melvin said. “I don’t get it. I don’t know what the explanation would be when everybody else in the ballpark knew it was a home run.”

“Clearly, it hit the railing. I’m at a loss. I’m at a complete loss,” Melvin added.

Adam Rosales hitting homer“Our whole team thought it was the wrong call,” Rosales said. “The replays showed it hit the railing. With six eyes on it [three umpires], you would have thought they’d make the right call.”

Perez initially thought the ball hit the yellow line above the 19-foot-high wall and dropped. But after watching a replay in the clubhouse, he was convinced the Indians got away with a victory.

Chris Perez over the As“Coming back in here, I saw different, ” Perez said. “Off the bat, I thought it was a homer. It sounded like a homer. Luckily, the call went in our favor. I don’t think I’ve ever been on the other side of a replay like that.  It’s part of the game and we’ll definitely take it,” Perez said.

Hernandez told a pool reporter there was not enough clear proof to overturn the original call.

Hernandez and Melvin“It wasn’t evident on the TV we had it was a home run,” Hernandez said. “I don’t know what kind of replay you had, but you can’t reverse a call unless there is 100 percent evidence and there wasn’t 100 percent evidence.”


Okay, here’s where I have a problem.  I started this post with the date–May 8,2013.  It is the 2013th year in the A.D. designations; the 13th year in the third millennium and the 21st century.  The average Major League Baseball team rose 16% in value during the past year, to an all-time high of $605 million.  With all of the technology we have and the enormous amount of money MLB teams make you mean to tell me MLB cannot equip umpires with up-to-date TV’s?  I don’t really want to use that as an excuse because I even watched the play on an iPad and can see clearly that the ball hit the railing ABOVE the yellow line.

All in all, Hernandez and the officiating crew blew it, the Athletics were robbed on the chance to win the game and Major League Baseball have to find a way to get this corrected before this type of game-changing error happens again, and it will.

*Shoutout to MLBJustice for the vid.


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