Manny Ramirez is still being MANNY…overseas

I know I haven’t blogged too much about baseball this season and this might be the wrong way to start talking about it, but I just couldn’t pass this opportunity.  We have to go from MLB to Taiwanese baseball, where we have Manny Ramirez doing what he do best…“MANNY BEING MANNY”.


The 41-year old Manny went into a slide to get to second and break up a double play; well he broke up the double play because the second baseman had to go 10 feet from the bag to tag Ramirez.  Manny went into his slide and fell 10-12 feet short of the bag.  Little League coaches will definitely use this video to show their players how NOT to slide into base.

You just gotta love some Manny!

*Shoutout to yowmingchen for the vid!


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