Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar creating a WNBA monster?

Griner and Kareem

At the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury practice court on Wednesday, something special was happening (even though it was only for an hour); the rookie phenom Britney Griner was taking one-on-one lesson from the Hall of Famer and NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the move he patented – the sky hook, the most unstoppable move in any sport.

The great KAJ givinig knowledge to the eager-to-learn Griner

The great KAJ givinig knowledge to the eager-to-learn Griner

”I went to legend school today and it was awesome…’I was star struck right there,” Griner said. ”You know it when I don’t talk; I like to talk and you know I’m star struck when I’m just listening. I hit you with the yes sir, yes ma’am, I’m definitely star struck.”


The tutorial was put together by Mercury Vice President Ann Meyers Drysdale, who asked the NBA office to see if Abdul-Jabbar would be available to address the team and work with Griner.

Griner and Kareem2You have one player whose the NBA’s all-time leading scorer (with 38,387 points),  won six NBA championships and a record six regular season MVP Awards and many other accomplishments, teaching another player that revolutionized women’s basketball, especially at the defensive end, while she was at Baylor University.  Griner has an ability to cover ground and hinder an opponent’s offense that we  just haven’t seen before. She can be a similarly revolutionary player for the WNBA and possibly change the way its teams play the game forever.

Kareem shows the skyhookI never understood why NBA players never took the time to try to master this unstoppable move that KAJ had perfected, but if this one-hour session with Griner piqued her interest to learn more about the move and she ends up being “the female KAJ”, not just the WNBA, but the entire sports world better look out and get ready for something special.


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