Scottie Pippen said what?

Scottie and Michael2

Alonzo Mourning made an appearance at a recent Microsoft store opening in Miami, FL; the 43-year old former NBA center did his job by telling the Microsoft faithful how important it is for them to stay in the community and how relates to the world of basketball.

The interesting part came when the 7-time All-Star started fielding questions that went towards the NBA direction which even was more detailed by comparing LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Morning went on ahead and talked about a conversation he had with Jordan’s partner-in-crime with the Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen.

Alonzo Mourning


 “I’m gonna tell you what Scottie said. Scottie said that LeBron would kick MJ’s ass.”




Mourning went ahead and agreed with Pippen’s statement.  Jordan is definitely the “measuring stick of greatness” in the NBA, but when are we going to be done with it?  Everybody has to put their assessment on this topic; Phil Jackson provided his own debate with the statement in his new book about Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Here we go again with the Greatest Of All Time against the World comparison.  I will not put a stamp of approval on what Mourning said until Pippen publicly admits to saying it (which he will not);p Alonzo probably said that as PR fodder to fire up the crowd and it seem like it worked.  All in all, this is a topic that I don’t think will never go away.  I’m tired of it, but as the saying goes…it is what it is.  Most of you guys mike like LeBron and Kobe, but I will stick with MJ until I see James make it closer to his level. gotta stop putting my name out there in them streets! I know you're BS-ing, but they are gonna start believing you after awhile.

Pip…you gotta stop putting my name out there in them streets! I know you’re BS-ing, but they are gonna start believing you after awhile.



2 thoughts on “Scottie Pippen said what?

    • Tell ’em Chinwe! I’m not knocking LeBron’s talents and that he’s a freak of nature, but MJ would mentally break him down and break his will. Jordan would be in his head from jump ball. Pippen had to be playing and/or Mourning was exaggerating.

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