The Cavaliers win the 2013 draft lottery

Dan, Nick and the Cavs won the #1 pick over all in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Dan, Nick and the Cavs won the #1 pick over all in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Talking about having a horseshoe up your….

For the third time in 10 years, and the second time in three, the Cleveland Cavaliers have won the draft lottery.

Nick, the son of owner Dan Gilbert, was the Cavs representative at the lottery, just like he was in 2011 when the team won and used the pick to select Duke star Kyrie Irving. They used it in 2003 to select high school phenom LeBron James.  So the “Cavs” and “No. 1 pick” are synonymous.


Dan Gilbert“It’s huge for us. This is our third year in a row in the lottery, and hopefully it’s our last for a long, long time. I knew he was lucky. We’ll take two out of three.”



Nick Gilbert - Cavs“I just had a feeling that hopefully we could get the top pick. And whoever we pick, hopefully we can make a push into the playoffs.”

I would say it smells like a #CONSPIRACY THEORY, but I will leave it alone.

Here’s how the rest of the teams look in the draft.

Pick Team Percent chance at No. 1 pick
1 Cleveland Cavaliers 15.6%
2 Orlando Magic 25.0%
3 Washington Wizards 2.8%
4 Charlotte Bobcats 19.9%
5 Phoenix Suns 11.9%
6 New Orleans Pelicans 8.8%
7 Sacramento Kings 6.3%
8 Detroit Pistons 4.3%
9 Minnesota Timberwolves 1.7%
10 Portland Trail Blazers 1.1%
11 Philadelphia 76ers 0.8%
12 Oklahoma City Thunder
13 Dallas Mavericks 0.6%
14 Utah Jazz 0.5%
Rest of Round 1
15 Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks
16 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics
17 Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks
18 Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks
19 Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers
20 Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls
21 Utah Jazz Utah Jazz
22 Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn Nets
23 Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers
24 New York Knicks New York Knicks
25 Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves
26 Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Clippers
27 Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets
28 San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs
29 Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder
30 Phoenix Suns Phoenix Suns


The draft is June 27 in New York.

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