What should the Cavs do with the #1 Pick?

I wrote a blog on May 22nd on “The Cavaliers win the 2013 lottery“, now that the extreme cheering from the Dan Gilbert entourage has calmed down, they have to weigh their options on what they should do with the pick.  I will give you my “two-cent” on what I would do.

First, I think the Cavaliers are a young and promising team…maybe too many young players; they need a veteran presence to rally behind. They have two first-round picks (1 and 19) and two second-round picks (31 and 33); they can put a package together and go after a LaMarcus Aldridge in Portland.

LaMarcus Aldridge - Portalnd

LaMarcus Aldridge Portaland Trailblazers

Rumors were out there in April about a trade, but the Cavs aren’t willing to let go of specific players like Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters.  They might have to release one of them in order to get Aldridge.  I think it is worth it because you are going to need another star to pair up with the one you already have in Kyrie Irving; if you don’t make that type of move, Cleveland will have another All-Star caliber player they will be mad at…when Irving leaves.

Nerlens Noel - Kentucky

Nerlens Noel – Kentucky

If they go ahead and use the #1 pick instead of dangling it and see which team bites,  I would go for the unthinkable (in the public’s eye) and pass up Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel and pick Otto Porter from Georgetown.  I know most of you are thinking I’m crazy to pass up height and Noel definitely has it with being a 7-footer with a 7′ 3.75″ wingspan and a standing reach of 9′ 2″ that protects the basket averaging 4.5 blocks per game, but the number that concerns me is 206 pounds.  This player is extremely under ideal weight for that size and he tore the ACL in his left knee chasing down a blocked shot in the open floor against Florida.  He won’t be ready for the beginning of the NBA season, he needs to gain weight in order to bang with the big boys in the NBA and if he gains that weight, who’s to say that his recently repaired knee would be able to carry that weight.  There’s too many cons than there are pros when it comes to Noel.

Otto Porter - Georgetown

Otto Porter – Georgetown

Otto Graham on the other hand, might be the right fit for the Cavs.   Porter has the terrific size and length for the small forward position, standing just under 6-9 with a 7-1 ½ wingspan. His frame is very lanky still at just 198 pounds, but should continue to fill out in time. He has improved his 3-point shooting substantially, from 23% as a freshman to 42% as a sophomore.  Even though he doesn’t have the explosiveness to blow by opponents and needs to work on his strength, he’s one of the smartest and polished players in the draft class.  He can be effective when the ball isn’t in his hands and has great court vision and passing abilities.  He would be my go-to-guy when draft day comes around if I was Cleveland.

The Cavaliers have a $20 million cap space right now, if Otto Porter (or Nerlens Noel) pan out to be a productive player, you have a rising star on a rookie contract with Kyrie Irving in the starting lineup; that would leave room to give a max offer to…you know who.  The organization might not want to say it in public, but rumors are going around that they are prepping themselves to go after the prodigal son–and the Cavalier fans will end up being WITNESSes again.Lebron's Nike logo








8 thoughts on “What should the Cavs do with the #1 Pick?

    • Yep. Varejao, 30, was averaging career-highs of 14.1 points, 14.4 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 1.5 steals in 25 games this season and was a strong All-Star candidate before the quadricep tear. He was one of Mike Brown’s favorites, so I can’t see the head coach letting him go when he need him to change the team defensively. I will take a quad tear from a ver over an ACL tear from an underweight rookie any day.

      • I think Cleveland won’t draft Porter because they are preparing to make a run at LeBron in 2014. However, no one understands. LeBron won’t be going anywhere for any BASKETBALL reasons. He’s moved his family to Miami. Why would he to go Los Angeles or Cleveland or Chicago or New York when he can win in Miami. Do you think LeBron wants to play Durant in the CONFERENCE FINALS. Heck no! LeBron wants to play the best on basketball’s biggest stage. In my mind, they should draft Porter. However, they won’t. They are going to trade Varejao and draft Noel. Maybe they should trade down.

      • If you make a run for LeBron, you get Porter, keep Varejao. You will have a nice young nucleus (that will hopefully win) and have money to spend. Second option, see what Portland want, do what is needed to get Aldridge and use that as your nucleus.
        I hear rumors that James still has a house in CLE and just put $1M into a gym at a Cleveland high school so he can practice during the offseason. When his contract is up next year, don’t be surprised if Wade and Riley aren’t there…and the reason James went to the Heat was because of Wade. If you get the players, you can get James.

  1. And Kyrie Irving. Great points, but I still think Dwyane Wade is a Miami Heat player for life. Nice eye on Aldridge. I have noticed he is very underrated. I don’t think Cleveland an keep all of them and Irving. I still think Varejao needs to be traded.

    • I don’t think the Cavs can keep everybody, but they are in a position right now to have “multiple options” and none of them are really that bad choice. You can package picks and players to get Aldridge or any star talent to match up with Irving and you still have cap space to try and go after LeBron. I have my own feelings about Gilbert if he does go after James, but that is for another discussion.

      • Question is….Are the Cavaliers ready for when guys like Irving and Tristan Thompson become free agents? These young guys will want big pay days someday.

      • You know, it all matters to what the player is looking for…the money or the championship. Young players try and go for the money when they can and when they get older, then the rings are top priority. It is hard to see the mindset of Irving and Thompson right now.
        Don’t forget, with the new salary cap will stop ALL of that excessive spending on players. I think there will be a lot of star players being dumped before the draft to free up space so the teams won’t get hit hard.
        Watch what I tell you.

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