COY George Karl and the Denver Nuggets part ways

FORMER Nuggets head coach George Karl won the NBA 2013 Coach of the Year award, now he's not coaching.

FORMER Nuggets head coach George Karl won the NBA 2013 Coach of the Year award, now he’s not coaching?

I really want someone who is reading my blogs to explain how a team who had the EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR in Masai Ujiri (the Nuggets let him and let the Toronto Raptors snatch him) and the COACH OF THE YEAR in George Karl and at the end of the season the team let them both go?

It has been reported that Karl was pushing for a contract extension but ownership wasn’t prepared to give him one.

Karl and the Nuggets

So let me see, you have a coach who worked with a team that basically didn’t have a “star” player, he led this team to a 38-3 home record, a team that was 2nd in the Northwest division (was behind the OKC Thunder by 3 games), had the second best win streak (15 games) and led said team into the playoffs without their top scorer since April (Danilo Gallinari tore the ACL on his left knee) and the Nuggets isn’t willing to give Karl the extension he deserves?

Denver Nuggets logo - alternate“George has been an instrumental part of our success over the past decade, and we appreciate everything he did to keep us among the top teams in the Western Conference,” team president Josh Kroenke said in a release. “He is a Hall of Fame coach whose legacy in Denver will last for years to come. George is a legend in the game of basketball and I could not have more respect for him as a person and coach.”

The Nuggets’ president said that he “could not have more respect for Karl as a person and a coach”, but he’s not willing to negotiate with Karl but is willing to pull the cord on him now even though Karl has one more year left on his contract.  I wonder what Kroenke definition of respect is.

The Nuggets went 57-25 this season, their best mark in nine seasons under Karl who has compiled a career coaching record of 1,131-756.

Most NBA coaching wins
Coach Record
1. Don Nelson 1,335-1,063 (.557)
2. Lenny Wilkens 1,332-1,155 (.536)
3. Jerry Sloan 1,221-803 (.603)
4. Pat Riley 1,210-694 (.636)
5. Phil Jackson 1,155-485 (.704)
6. George Karl 1,131-756 (.599)
7. Larry Brown 1,098-904 (.548)
8. Rick Adelman 1,002-707 (.586)
9. Bill Fitch 944-1106 (.460)
10. Red Auerbach 938-479 (.662)

Since coaching the team, the Nuggets have never finished lower than second in the Northwest Division, and have made the playoffs all nine seasons. However, Karl and the Nuggets only progressed past the first round once, with Carmelo Anthony in 2009 when they lost in the Western Conference finals.

George KArlIf Karl can keep his health under control, I believe can get back into the NBA if he so chooses. There are rumors about the Clippers who has a post season roster already built or even the Grizzlies, who I’m still trying to understand why they are letting coach Hollins test the market.

The small market teams in the NBA better understand that sabermetrics doesn’t work all the time when you have a competitive team already, that is when WISDOM is best suited.

I’m just saying….


2 thoughts on “COY George Karl and the Denver Nuggets part ways

    • Unbelievable how Memphis and Denver are treating their head coaches like they had losing seasons. I just hope both Karl and Hollins bounce back and get hired by playoff-caliber teams that want them.

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