GWS’ 2013 NBA Finlas picks

Spurs versus Heat - team pic2

This is it, we are at the 2013 NBA Finals.  It seems like we have a team that everyone expected to be there since the beginning of the season and we have a team that nobody really believe would be there because they were “too boring and too old”.  As a basketball-head, I believe that this Finals might be one of the best NBA championship series that we have seen in a long time, so just sit back and soak it in.

We have the Eastern Conference champions in the Miami Heat and the Western Conference champions in the San Antonio Spurs.  We have two of the best teams in the league dueling it out in a possible seven-game series to see who will be the last team standing to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy.

The 2013 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (aka Miami Heat)

The 2013 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (aka Miami Heat)

It’s like you have the brand new BUGATTI VEYRON 16.4 SUPER SPORT (Miami Heat) going up against a 2007 BUGATI VEYRON.  You can’t go wrong with the brand new version of the fastest car in the world, but if you happen to have fastest car in 2007 and you take good care of it for 5-6 years, you can put it up against the shiny new version and just maybe shock the world and make the newbie eat your dust.

2007 Bugatti Veyron (aka San Antonio Spurs)

2007 Bugatti Veyron (aka San Antonio Spurs)






Enough of painting a picture, here’s the recap of GLASS and BRANDON’s picks and their picks of who will win the NBA Finals.Before the 2013 NBA Conference Finals, Glass was leading the pick points

(GLASS – 13 points         BRANDON – 11 points)

  Here’s what happened during the series.


*Glass – Heat in 6          Brandon – Pacers in 7

Heat in 7


Glass – Grizzlies in 7          *Brandon – Spurs in 7

Spurs in a 4-Game Sweep

After the smoke has cleared, Glass still has a two point lead with 14 to Brandon’s 12 points.  Here’s our picks for who will be the 2013 NBA Champs.



Spurs logo

Glass’ pick:  Spurs in 6

Brandon’s pick:  Spurs in 7

Let’s see what happens and all I can say is enjoy what you are about to see because this series could be EPIC!!!

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