Chad Johnson is a #DAW nominee

Dumbass of the Week

Most of you guys who watch our GWS’ YouTube channel know that every now-and-then we give out Dumbass of the Week awards to athletes who just do stupid stuff, anything from drunk driving (too many to just single out one person), taking ridiculous mugshots, and just doing stupid s**t.  Well, we have a nominee already and it is just Monday.

FORMER NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson had a court date today for violating his probation and he was there to get a plea deal and avoid 30-days in jail.  Everything went well until he slapped his lawyer on the ass and made the people in the courtroom laugh; evidently the judge (Kathleen McHugh) found that disrespectful and took the plea deal away and sent him to serve the 30 days.


Now did the judge went overboard? Maybe…but dammit she’s the judge and you are in her courtroom! Just thank your lawyer, thank the judge (kiss her ass if you have to) and get the hell out of there!  I get nervous just going to traffic court, so you can imagine how humble I would get in this type of atmosphere.  Chad has to know that there’s some places you just don’t joke around. He knows now and this is not going to look good on any type of occupation he will try to pursue now.

What a….well, you know.

*Shoutout to NPN33 for the vid!

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