The Miami Heat are BACK-TO-BACK Champs! Deal with it.

I would like to apologize to fans of GWS Blogs and fellow bloggers; last week my fam went to Orlando for a well deserved vacation and I forgot to let you guys know that I was gonna shut down from blogging for a week.  I am back and it seems like I have a lot to blog about.  So let me get going and I hope you enjoy.


Miami Heat 2013 Champions

There was a lot that I had to come to grips with during this 7-game series we just witnessed; I was rooting for the San Antonio Spurs (there’s no denying it here) to win the trophy but they let it slip from their grasp in Game 6 and they played too sloppy in Game 7 and /or the Heat just wanted it more.  The Miami Heat deserve to be back-to-back champions and even though I still think LeBron still doesn’t have that killer instinct like Jordan and Kobe, he just showed us that you really don’t need it in order to win a championship and I will definitely stop stating that he does have  the “clutch gene” and you should do the same.

James scored 37 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and was in control down the stretch, as the Heat won the third title in franchise history with a 95-88 Game 7 win over the Spurs (12 for 23 from the field, 5 for 10 from 3-point range, 8 for 8 from the line).  Lebron has won his fourth NBA MVP, has another championship ring to fit on a finger (or one for each of his sons), and joined Michael Jordan and Bill Russell as the only players in league history to win back-to-back Finals MVP and regular-season MVP awards.  I was hoping in 2011 that he wouldn’t win a title and realize how great he can be and DOMINATE, but after he won last year I knew it was too late and this year ‘s title might be the beginning of everyone’s nightmare.  Lebron is here and he will DOMINATE.  I was on the other end of a reign when my beloved Chicago Bulls was doing three-peats with Jordan, now I might see this from the end that I am not happy to be on.

James said it best after the game.

Lebron James”Listen, I can’t worry about what everybody says about me.  I’m LeBron James, from Akron, Ohio, from the inner city. I’m not even supposed to be here. That’s enough. Every night I walk into the locker room, I see a No. 6 with James on the back. I’m blessed. So what everybody says about me off the court don’t matter. I ain’t got no worries.”

Ever since James and the Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals, he worked out furiously because  how sub-par he played during those Finals.  He worked on the mid-range shot that he wouldn’t have taken two years ago and what the Spurs let him take during the Finals thinking that he wasn’t going to make most of them, but he did.

Including playoffs, the Heat became just the 10th team in NBA history to win at least 80 games – they won 82 this season. And like the other nine, the Heat won it all.

I’m going to stop bashing Heats head coach Erik Spoelstra (so much), he showed me that he can coach and going up against one of the best Hall of Fame coaches ever, he held his own and actually out-coached Spurs’ Gregg Popovich in Game 7; he was also playing “chess” with the big boys.  Much respect to Coach Spo. 2013 NBA Finals - Game Seven




2013 NBA Finals - Game SevenLeBron James is in the place where he want to be. He arrived at the arena in a convertible black Porsche on Thursday, waving to the fans who were waiting to take a photo.  He’s getting married this summer, the Miami Heat are champions for another year, and James is the unquestioned best player in the world.

Deal with it.



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